Which stick? Witch hazel stick...

I'm sure I have mentioned many times before, in several other posts the struggles I have had with my skin, well, since forever.

I had teenage acne develop when I was only 12, right through till I was 16.
It then calmed down dramatically. I remember the absolute freedom I felt, not having to cake makeup on every morning, or dread looking in the bathroom mirror, to find yet another one staring right back at me.

Then in my late teens, early 20s my skin decided it missed the drama, and re-introduced itself ( without warning me first ) to acne. This time, it was what the doctors like to call, 'adult acne'. Far from impressed is an under-statement.

During this time, I experienced the angriest, reddest spots on my cheeks. Horrid.
Eventually they calmed down after, give or take three years.

I have decided, my skin will always have problems. I also get eczema, which decides to pop up even more so when I am particularly stressed or run down. Like now.

I am currently receiving from the acne world, the lovely red, angry spots, that dont need popping. Rather they sit on your face for days, and take at least a week to disappear.

Now, a few months back, I won flawless follower, with Witch. I got to choose a product to try. After having a snoop through their fabulous range, I chose the blemish stick.
To be perfectly honest, in my cynicism, I did not expect miracles. ( I have tried EVERYTHING )

How wrong I was.
This stuff is amazing.

Now, I had two whoppers this week. One right in the middle of my forehead ( perfect, right? ) and the other on the side of my cheek.

I took the stick and popped some on, BEFORE my makeup.
Now I didnt 'dab' it on. I used it in circular motions. When it dried it left a white-ish mark.

I applied makeup ontop.

When I got home in the evening, it had gone down completley. The one on the cheek, went down overnight.
I mean, don't get me wrong, it didn't completely disappear. But the intense redness? Gone. The huge lump? Gone.
I was left with a shrunken version of what was their previously.

My mom, when I was a teenager, kept a bottle of witch hazel in the bathroom cupboard for my breakouts, she swore by it.
Witch have harnessed the power of it, in this fabulous little, handbag sized stick.
Witch hazel is renowned in calming the skin and being mildly astringent.
In a word, fabulous.
Ideal for initial breakouts, pop it on the minute you feel the dreaded tingling I know only too well.

On application, it feels cool and refreshing. To really see how amazing this product is, try it on the large angry spots you get, not the little blemishes some people cry over. These are not a problem, really!

This nifty product wins RuthEs stamp of recommendation. I am impressed.

Invest. Now!


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