Mask of Magniminty


I love this company. When I was younger, single and living at home. ( In other words, had a lot of spare cash ) I would regularly treat myself to lush products.

I went through a phase of bath bombs, then I tried a few of their shampoos, then it was their bubble bars.

Now, after a bit of a bonus in my payslip this month ( very rare occurance ) I decided to treat myself to a little product I have heard so much about, and was dying to try.

Following on from my witch stick post. ( the one where I moan incessantly about my on/off adult acne ) I wanted to try something to calm down spots, you know the spots that wont budge, or the ones where they seem to reproduce, so what started as one now has another 5 sitting right next to it!

Now, I do try and stay well clear of face masks, I live in fear they will just bring me out in more spots.

This little pot of magic claims to actually clear breakouts. Perfect.

I have my sisters wedding tomorrow, so I've been on blemish watch the past week.

I smothered my face in this last night. I only tried it on one side. The right side of my face which seems to have erupted.

Again, I wasn't expecting miracles.

The mask feels like a thick paste. Its very grainy, which I love ( thats the Adzuki Beans ) .
Instructions state to apply to a clean face and leave to dry, when it has dried, wash it off, exfoliating as you go.
Its a very satisfying 'clean'

The first thing that hit me when I opened the tub was the smell. Gorgeooooooous.
When I was little my mom would buy After Eight chocolates, but they were only for her and dad.
'Grown up ' Chocolates she called them. I honestly think that was just her way of saying hands off, you have your selection box. ( I still sneaked a few )

Anyway......The smell of Magnaminty is like After Eight chocolates. I'm hooked already.

When you apply the product, it feels very cooling ( I'm guessing thats the peppermint.) It is a deep green colour, almost looks like you are smearing your face in swamp mud..... although I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have the same effect as using this product would....

I woke up this morning and the right side of my face looks considerably better. I had a particular spot on my chin that I was so tempted to mess with, but instead I popped some of this stuff on it.
It worked.

My skin looks fab this morning, very happy!

As the product is advertised as a treatment for spots, I would recommend just applying it to problems areas ( mine are my cheeks, jawline and chin )

It's also supposed to be fab for the back. You may have to get your other half to do that for you!

A fab product. Ideal if you have had a breakout, have a wedding coming up, special occasion etc and want a quick fix.
What I also love is the fact it's a spot treatment that isn't loaded with alcohol, so it wont dry up your skin neither.

When I was a teengaer, Clearasil and Oxy were the only solutions, which in hindsight, dried up my skin that much, I'm sure it made it all a lot worse.

Peppermint - Stimulates sluggish/tired skin. Your skin looks 'awake' after usage.
Honey - Helps to condition and moisturise. Is also midly antiseptic.
Evening Primrose and Adzuki Beans - Exfoliate

They do the two sizes, I opted for the smaller one to see how it worked. I'm thinking the larger tub next time is without question.

Im very impressed with this. Again, there are so many products out there now to help with problem skin, products that will help and not hinder. This is one of them.
Keep it in the bathroom cupboard and draw it out when the inevitable 'date spot' pops up...



  1. Mask of Magnaminty is one of my favs :) I'm glad you tried this!

    1. I love it! So glad I found it :)

  2. oo i might just have to check this out!!

    1. Do! I recommend it to anyone who has spot prone skin. Worthwhile investment.