Dita Von Teese

I think Dita Von Teese is fabulous. She ( to me ) echoes true femininity, how I would love to look on a daily basis. I love her take on the 1940s - 1950s.
The fair, flawless complexion. The perfectly arched, dark brows. The matte, red lip.

Her ebony hair contrasts beautifully with her porcelain skin.

When I finally get a web cam, I will be uploading video's of certain looks. So, get requesting!

I have a few more looks up my sleeve for this week, which I will be uploading shortly. 
This is a series. Timeless beauty, on screen. Big screen or small. Who would you like to see me re-create?

MAC NC15 Studio Fix Liquid as a base. Full coverage. Fixed with Studio Fix NC15 Powder.

Eyes. All MAC. Painterly paint pot as a base. Brule eyeshadow on top. Wedge eyeshadow in outer crease. Blacktrack eyeliner. Spiked Brow pencil.

Lips. Russian Red, MAC. Worn by Dita herself. Brick lip liner by MAC

Sorry guys, no burlesque pictures.
So, who's look would you love to see next? Let me know!



  1. Wooow, this looks beautiful! I totally agree on what you said about her, she is one of my favourite ladies :) And finally! Maybe this is a red lipstick that looks good on my pale skin :)

  2. Oh, I forgot! I would love to see maybe... Sophia Loren?

    1. ohhhhhhhhh, Sophia Loren! Good choice! I'm liking that! That's defo next on the list now!
      Thank you for your comments :)