Hair dilemmas

Funnily enough I used to have extremely greasy hair, and also extremely thick hair.
I loved the thickness, I did not love the greasiness.....

Now I'm 30, I've noticed my hair changing. Gone are the days of greasy fringes, and daily washing, but sadly, also are gone the days of thick, lustorous locks.

In my twenties ( the craze of the GHD and hair straightening in full swing ) I curled, waved, straightened and re-curled my hair, only God knows how many times. It's safe to say my hair was in dire need of some serious TLC.

After that fad was well and truly over, I got all my hair chopped off, into a lovely asymmetrical bob.
I loved it, for about a week. I like my hair long. I like the versatility of how I can adapt my hair to the mood I may be feeling, but more importantly the fact I can scrape it back off my face when I cannot be bothered to do anything creative or time-consuming with it.

With my ever hectic life, becoming ever the more hectic, I booked myself in for some 'me' time, at my local Rachel Hammond Hair Salon.

Anyhow, when the stylist saw the state of my hair, he slowly prised out of me my hair habit's.

In all honesty, I spend money on decent skincare and makeup, but my hair seems to get left out. I mean, it's only hair, right?
He asked what shampoo I used, and if I styled it.

Too ashamed / embarrassed to tell him that during mine and my husbands truly, skint, redundant, out of work years ( the past two ) I was using Tesco value shampoo. Yes, it really was that bad. Some might gasp in horror, but when the choice is eat for a week, or buy an expensive shampoo and conditioner. Food has to come out on top.
I no longer have the time to fit in curling my hair etc. I wash, and go. My hair is lucky if it gets to see even a minute of a hair dryer.

So, bemused at why my hair was so dry, and why my split ends were no longer split, more so tripled even quadruple split, he continued to explain that like skin, hair ages.

I explained that I only have to brush my hair and it breaks off, into the bathroom sink.

He told me that decent, salon quality products are essential, and especially with age, as like skin, hair deteriorates.
I knew this to be true, as I can physically see the difference in my hair.

He also told me that Silicon in shampoos can damage the hair. Especially over longer periods of time, creating a build up of product on the hair shaft.

Now, not one to splash out on expensive products, unless I KNOW they work, I went out and treated myself to a little Ojon product.

Check out there website for full details, but I tell you now, this stuff is not to be missed.

The Ojon company get their secret ingredient for their elixir from the Miskito people of native America.
When the founder first visited them he was astonished at how healthy, lustorous, full of body bounce and volume their hair was. This was due, they claim, to them applying this 'elixir' to their hair every day.

Now this lovely little product contains this fabulous Ojon oil, which is obtained from the Ojon tree.

Now, any company who can cultivate natural products to make your hair amazing, is good in my books.

So I treated myself to their restorative mask.

Smaller size as always, to see if it is worth investing full size next time.

What I love about this is it's is a mask, so the product is in solid form.
Instructions state to apply to DRY hair. Leave on for twenty minutes or longer.

When you apply it to the hair, it melts into the most wondrous smelling, divine, hair oil.
Imagine coconut oil. It's solid in the pot then melts on contact with the skin, this product works just like that.

I left it on while doing some house chores.
The smell was just heavenly. I cannot quite put my finger on what it smells like, but its something like this.

1) Christmas
2) Chocolate Orange
3) Nuts

I suppose you could leave this on overnight if you wanted.
Washing it out was easy enough. I didn't feel the need to double wash, so the oil was not that greasy.

My hair felt genuinely healthier, undoubtedly shinier, and fantastically fuller.

Serious hair envy will be yours.

Ladies, this stuff is great.
Granted, its not a quick fix. When I read you needed to leave it on for at least twenty minutes or more, I was like, hang on, that's too long! I want model like hair in no more than ten minutes!

But if you have things to do, maybe watching a double Corrie episode? Pop it on just before and Bob's your Uncle, you're done!

50ml - £16.00
100ml - £32.50
Ojon products online
I bought my product online. According to website sources some House of Fraser store also sell it.

Try it.
What are your favourite hair products, and why? Do tell, I'd love to know.


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