Carmex, it does exactly what it says on the tin.
And what's that exactly?


When I was a teenager, I used Vaseline as a lip balm.
Then I remember the craze of the actual lip balms, that I think took over the world.

I remember the first pot I bought, with my pocket money.
It was from a local chemist, around 99p, in a glass jar and smelt of Oranges.

The actual balm was so 'liquidy' ( is that even a word? ) I remember it melting, instantly on contact with the skin. My mom used to ask:
'Why does it look like you have smeared cooking oil all over you lips?'

I actually loved the effect as it looked like I had a high shine lipgloss on.

Now, I don't remember, when I discovered Carmex, but I can tell you this.
When I did, no-one else I knew, had even heard of it, let alone used it.
I initially bought it because I loved the retro, eye-catching packaging.
I bought it from Superdrug. There were only a few on the shelf, and just the original, no fancy different flavours......

Anyway, I remember the very first time I used it. I remember opening it, applying it to my lips and thinking,
Wow, this stuff feels unlike any other lip balm I have used.

Anyone who has used it, will know what I mean.
You feel the product, working, on the lips. A slight tingle, almost a 'cold' feeling to the lips.
I was addicted. I loved it.
As with any product, I like to either feel it working, or see it has worked.

This did both.
You feel it working, and if you have sore, chapped, poorly winter lips, this stuff if a must.

Forget Vaseline. Sorry, but I never found it worked on my lips. If my lips were chapped, they were chapped, and Vaseline just provided a protective layer while my lips naturally healed.
Carmex provides a protective layer, heals and soothes.....

Now, as I said, when I first used it, people would ask, what is that?! I've never seen that before?
I had it a good while before it seemed, the magazine world caught on to it's benefits.

Then I remember reading a magazine article, the beauty pages (see, I loved makeup and beauty from an early age ) and reading that Sarah Jessica Parker was a fan of this little thing called, Carmex.

I remember feeling ever so clever that I too had discovered this little pot of magic and that I shared a love for a product that SJP also used.

Then the Carmex boom began, I have yet to find a person who has not tried it.
I use this in my makeup kit. I love it. I love using it as a lip exfoliator on clients. I apply a small amount and rub it away with a makeup wipe.
I also use it on most brides, especially if their lips are a little dehydrated or chapped. The lipstick glides on so much easier after.

My trusty tube of Carmex. Fantatsic for Makeup artist use, squeeze and go!

So what does this product contain that makes it so magical? I knew some of the ingredients, well, mainly Menthol ( the one that makes your lips tingle ) but I did not know it also contained all of the following. Read on my dear friends:

Camphor - Alleviates pain ( tingly ingredient )
Phenol - Kills germs, exfoliates and anesthetizes
Lanolin - softens, lubricates, and protects
Cocoa Butter - Moisturises and protects
Shea Butter - Prevents dry, cracked lips
Aloe Vera - Helps heal and soothe
Vitamin E - Reduces damaging free radicals
Petrolatum - A barrier that protects the lips
Salicylic Acid - Exfoliates and relieves pain
Menthol - Kills germs and relieves discomfort ( another tingly ingredient )

Yes! All of the above is contained in that little pot. No wonder it's so absolutely fantastic at healing chapped lips and reducing redness.
I always reach for this little pot when my lips are dehydrated or chapped. I didn't know how, but I knew, that just applying a little, instantly took away the stinging, softened, smoothed, hydrated, and without doubt, healed.
Well, now I know why!
What a fab product! The ingredients and results, speak for themselves.
This is a product, I have faithfully used for at least ten years, and will continue to use, on myself, in my Makeup kit, and recommend to others

Where do you keep yours?

Have you tried the Cherry one? I haven't, although I would love too.
What do you think.
Check out their fantastic website here!

Carmex, the lip balm Saviour of the world.



  1. I love Carmex but my God does it taste foul! Even so I still use it everyday x

    1. Haahahha, yeah, it's not a great taste. Maybe that's why they brought out the Cherry one?? Mmmmmmmm. Love it though x